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  Alfredo: Living here day by day, you think it's the center of the world. You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave: a year, two years. When you come back, everything's changed. The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time… many years… before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.



  Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?


  Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life… is much harder


  If you don't walk out, you will think that this is the whole world.


  Salvatore:Just that i've always been afraid to come back.And now,after all these years ,I thought I was stronger… that I'd forgottena lot of things. But in fact…I find I'm right backwhere I was…as if I'd never been away.Yet,when I look around ,I don't recognize anyone. And you,Mama…I deserted you.Ran out on you like a banditwithout any explanation.


  His Mama:I never asked for any.You don't have to explain to me.I always thought it was goodwhat you did.Why harp on it?You were right to leave. You did what you wanted to do.When I call you,a different woman always answers.But I never heard in any of their voices… that they really loved you. I would've known. All the same ,I'd have liked to see you settled… Loving someone. But your life is there. Here there are only ghosts. Let go,Toto.



  1)I know how it is...The blue-eyed ones are the worst.我知道那种感觉 蓝眼睛的女人最难追


  3)-Whatever you end up doing,love it. The way you loved the projection booth when you were a little squirt.要热爱你的工作 就像小时候热爱放映机一样

  4)-I choose my friends for looks,my enemies for intelligence. You're too foxy to be my friend.以外表选朋友 以智慧选敌人 你太聪明 不能当朋友

  5)lf you do and you come back,don't come see me. I won't let you in my house.Understand?要是你失败逃回来 不要来见我 我不会让你见我 懂吗?

  6)When you come back,everything's changed. The thread's broken.再回来时 一切都会变 你会断了牵挂

  7)Living here day by day...you think it's the center of the world.每天待在这里 会把这里当成全世界

  8)No matter what you do,they'll never be your friends. Nothing for it.不管你怎么做 都没有用 都成不了朋友

  9)-Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda?是谁讲的? 贾利古柏? 詹姆斯史都华? 亨利方达?

  10)You believe nothing will ever change. Then you leave...a year, two years.会相信事情一成不变 离开之后 过个几年

  11)You have to go away for a long time...many years...before you can come back and find your people.你得离开一阵子 去闯一闯 再回到亲友身边

  12)-When I do, I'll tell them.等我有了 我就会说呀

  13)-You haven't got any children.你又没有小孩

  14)But your life is there. Here there are only ghosts. Let go, Toto.但你属于罗马 这里太阴沉了 忘了她吧 多多



  17)Now that I'm older and go to fifth grade. I don't say I should come in the booth, but can't we at least be friends?现在我长大了 要上五年级了 就算不能进放映室 但至少能和你做朋友吧?



  20)Don't come back. Don't think about us. Don't look back. Don't write. Don't give in to nostalgia.Forget us all.不准回来 不准想到我们 不准回头 不准写信 想家时要熬住 忘了我们

  21)Get out of here. Go back to Rome.You're young...the world is yours. And I'm old.离开这里 去罗马 你还年轻 世界是你的 我已经老了

  22)I always tell my children... Be careful how you choose your friends.我经常告诉我的孩子交友要谨慎天堂电影院经典台词

  23)If you have no faith in me,have faith in what you see.就算你不相信我 也要相信你的眼睛

  24)-That's nice,what you just said. But sad.你说的这番话好美 也好悲伤

  25)The bigger the man,the deeper his imprint. And if he loves, he suffers, knowing it's a dead-end street.越是煎熬 越刻骨铭心 爱了就要受苦 明知没有结果

  26)The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am.回到这片故土 但是现在不行 你比我还盲目

  27)We, each of us, have a star to follow. Get out of here. This land is cursed.人人都有所追寻 离开这里 这里被诅咒了

  28)What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone.不再追寻 不再拥有

  29)All the same, I'd have liked...to see you settled...loving someone.有时真想...看到你定下来...有心爱的人

  30)-No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time it's all me. Life isn't like in the movies. Life...is much harder.不 多多 这不是电影对白 这是我的心里话 人生与电影不同 人生...要辛苦多了

  31)I don't want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear talk about you.我不想再听你讲 我要听别人来讲你


  1.Alfredo: No, Toto. Nobody said it. This time its all me. Life isnt like in the movies. Life... is much harder. If you dont walk out, you will think that this is the whole world.阿尔夫莱多:不是,多多,没有人说过。这次是我自己说的。生活并不像电影,生活更艰难。如果你不出去走走,你就会以为这就是全世界。

  2.Alfredo: living here day after day,you think its the center of the world,u believe nothingwill ever change,then you leave,a year,two years,when u come back,everthings changed,the threads broken,what you came to find isnt there,what was yours is gone,you have to go away for a while,make something of your life before you come back to your place,to the land where you were born。But now, no. Its not possible. Right now youre blinder than I am.阿尔夫莱多:在这里居住了一天又一天,你认为这里就是世界的中心。你相信一切都永不会改变。然后你离开了,一年,两年,当你回来时,一切都变了。那条线断了,你所寻找的并不是这里。你只能再次离开很长时间很多年直到你能回来寻找你的人们,你出生的土地。但是现在不可能。现在你比我还要瞎。

  3.when we meet,i cant say anything right because,u give me the shivers,im at a complete lost,its my first time,im in love with u.看到你时,我说不出话来,你让我发抖,简直令我手足无措,这是我的初恋,我已经爱上你了。

  4.i absolve u in the name of the Father,Son and the Holy Ghost,我以圣父,圣子以及圣灵之名赦你无罪。

  5.i choose my friends for looks,my enemies for intelligence.我以外表选朋友,以智慧选敌人。

  6.mysery of miseries,悲剧中的悲剧。

  7.probably that was meant to be。each of us has a star to follow,或许这是上天的安排吧。每个人都是在追逐一颗星星,

  8.Salvatore: Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?萨尔瓦多:这些是谁说的`?加里库帕?詹姆士斯图尔特?亨利福达?嗯?be careful how you choose your friends,不要交友不慎

  9.once a king gave a feast for his beautiful princess,now,a soldier who was standing guard,saw the kings daughter go by,she was a most beautiful girl,and he fell instantly in love.but what is a simple soldier,next to the daughter of a king?at last he succeeded in meeting her,and he told her that he could no longer live without her,the princess was so taken by his love that she said to the soldier,if you can wait for 100days,and 100nights under my balcony,at the end of it,i shall be yours,with that,the soldier went and waited,one day,two days,then ten,then twenty,each evening the princess looked out,and he never moved,in rain,wind,and snow,he was still there,birds sat on his head,bees stung him,but he didnt move,however,on the ninety day,he had become pale and weak,tears streamed from his eyes,he couldnt hold them back.he didnt even have the strength to sleep,and all that time,the princess watched him,finally,on the 99th night,the soldier stood up,took his chair,and left,if you figure it out,you tell me.有一次国王为美丽的公主开宴会,有个士兵在一旁站岗,看到公主经过他的面前,她是绝色佳人,他立刻爱上了她,但是卑微的士兵,怎配得上国王的女儿,有一天,他终于设法接近她,并告诉她没有她活不下去,公主被他的深情感动,她告诉士兵,如果你能等我100天,且日日夜夜在阳台下等我,白日之后,我就是你的。听了这话,士兵在阳台下等, 一天,两天,十天,二十天,公主每晚往外探,他仍矗立终宵,风雪雨都抵挡不了他,鸟停在头上,蜜蜂叮他,他都不动,但是,在第99天时,士兵已经全身苍白,且廋小,眼泪从眼眶里流了出来。他已经支撑不住了,甚至连睡觉的力气都没有了,公主一直注视着他,最后,在99天的晚上,士兵站了起来,提起椅子,走了,走了!这就是结果,如果你知道原因,你就告诉我吧。

  10.sometimes u hear the house full of people giggling and laughing,then u happy,too。it makes u feel good to hear them,like ure the one who made them laugh,made them forget their troubles,that part i like,听到满屋子的人们谈笑嬉闹的声音,自己也跟着快乐,听到他们的声音令我愉快,仿佛自己是制造快乐的人,令他们忘记烦恼,我喜欢是这部分。

  11.shes very nice,my age,slim,long blonde hair,big eyes,so innocent,a little beauty spot on her lip,very small,u only see it up close。when she smiles,u feel like...很漂亮,跟我同龄,纤廋,金色长发,蓝色的眼珠,好纯真。嘴唇上有颗小美人痣,很小,靠近时才能看见。她笑时让人觉得,

  12.the place is cursed,这地方给下咒了。

  13.because he knows,on the 100th day,if the peincess reneged on her promise,the soldier would hace been heart-broken,and died of giref,so he choose to leave on the 99th night,this way the princess would remember him forever.因为他明白,如果在一百天时,公主不承认她的约定,那么,士兵将会伤心难过,绝望的死去,所以他选择在99天的夜晚离去,这样公主将会永远惦记着她,











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